5 Top Uno’s Pizza Locations to Satisfy Your Cravings


A renowned culinary brand, Uno’s Pizza is famous for its delectable deep-dish pizza and diverse food offerings. With a global presence, discovering an Uno’s Pizza location in your vicinity is now a breeze. This guide will take you through the top Uno’s Pizza locations and their unique offerings.

The Remarkable History of Uno’s Pizza

Uno’s Pizza, established in 1943, has been tantalizing taste buds with its delicious deep-dish pizzas for almost eight decades. The brand traces its roots back to Chicago and has since grown to hundreds of locations worldwide. The deep-dish pizza, the signature dish of Uno’s, is a gastronomic delight with a buttery crust, chunky tomato sauce, and copious amounts of cheese.

How to Find Uno’s Pizza Locations Near You: An In-Depth Guide

To locate the nearest Uno’s Pizza outlet, utilize the restaurant’s online store locator. This tool provides accurate results based on your current location, ensuring you can get to your closest Uno’s Pizza in no time.

Uno's Pizza locations

Diving into Famous Uno’s Pizza Locations

Each Uno’s Pizza outlet presents a distinct atmosphere and menu selection. Nonetheless, certain locations have become extremely popular due to their superior service, varied menu, and strategic location.

  1. Uno’s Pizza in Chicago: As Chicago is the birthplace of Uno’s, it is home to some of the best outlets. These restaurants still serve the original deep-dish pizza that put Uno’s on the map.

  2. Uno’s Pizza in Boston: With a significant presence in Boston, the outlets here are recognized for their warm interiors and impeccable customer service.

  3. Uno’s Pizza in New York: Offering a fusion of classic deep-dish pizzas and local tastes, the New York outlets are a haven for pizza aficionados.

Delving into the Uno’s Pizza Menu

The menu at Uno’s Pizza extends beyond just deep-dish pizzas. Some dishes you must not miss include:

  • Chicago Thin Crust Pizzas: These pizzas provide a less heavy alternative to deep-dish pizzas, without compromising on the taste.

  • Uno’s Signature Pasta: Uno’s pasta dishes, brimming with fresh ingredients and authentic Italian flavors, are worth trying.

  • Craft Beers and Cocktails: Complement your meal with a craft beer or cocktail for a complete dining experience.

Catering Services Offered by Uno’s Pizza

Uno’s Pizza also provides comprehensive catering services for a variety of events. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a corporate gathering, Uno’s Pizza ensures your guests are treated to a feast they won’t forget.


With its numerous locations and extensive menu, Uno’s Pizza remains a favorite dining spot for many. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic deep-dish pizza or eager to try something different, you’re bound to find a dish that delights your taste buds at an Uno’s Pizza location near you.

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