Mastering the Craft: An In-Depth Guide to Pasta Making with Eataly


There is something undeniably magical about the art of pasta making. The tradition, the authenticity and the utter delight of creating your own beautiful strands of pasta from scratch is a unique culinary journey. At the renowned Eataly Pasta Making Class, we immerse ourselves in this rich tradition and share our expertise with pasta enthusiasts around the world.

The History of Pasta Making

Gaining a deeper understanding of the history gives a remarkable perspective on why pasta making is such an important craft. Originating in Italy, pasta has been a staple in Italian diets since the 4th century B.C. The pasta that we are accustomed to today, however, has its roots in 13th century Italy.

The Eataly Pasta Making Class

Offered at different Eataly locations worldwide, our pasta making class combines a unique blend of tradition and innovation. We believe our classes lay the foundation towards deepening your appreciation for pasta.

Part One: Understanding Your Dough

The pasta dough, often considered the heart of every pasta dish, requires careful preparation. In our Eataly pasta-making class, we delve into the details of creating perfect pasta dough. Participants learn about the nuances of choosing the right flour, correctly mixing ingredients, and the importance of resting and kneading the dough.

We appreciate the dedication and patience it takes to create the perfect pasta dough, so we ensure participants get a practical experience of pasta dough making. This attention to detail sets us apart from other pasta-making classes.

Part Two: Shaping and Cutting Your Pasta

After learning to make the perfect dough, it’s time to shape it into exquisite pasta strands. This process, often considered the most challenging part, is made simple at the Eataly pasta making class.

Participants learn from experts how to shape a variety of pasta forms, from classic spaghetti to intricate farfalle. Our classes also focus on expert techniques used to knead and cut the dough into flawless pasta shapes. We take great pride in ensuring every participant masters the art of pasta shaping and leaves equipped with the right knowledge to recreate these forms at home.

Part Three: Cooking and Saucing Your Pasta

The process of pasta making does not stop with shaping. Just as essential is cooking the pasta to perfection and pairing it with the right sauce. That is why, in the final stages of the Eataly pasta making class, we focus on these essential elements.

Participants learn how to cook pasta to the perfect consistency and understand how various sauces pair with different pasta shapes. We believe this comprehensive approach to pasta making gives our classes an edge and equips participants with skills to experiment with pasta making in their own kitchens.


The Eataly Pasta Making Class promises a unique and enriching experience, offering not only a deeper understanding of pasta making but an appreciation for this delightful culinary craft. Rooted in tradition, yet adapted to suit modern palates and streamlined for convenience, our pasta making classes bring forth the joy of creating and enjoying your own handmade pasta.

At Eataly, we continue to foster this tradition, teach the delicate art of pasta making, and share the joy of a well-prepared, homemade pasta dish. Whether you are a seasoned home cook interested in honing your skills or a cooking enthusiast looking to embark on a new culinary adventure, the Eataly Pasta Making Class offers something for everyone.

Our guiding ethos is simple: to share the love for pasta, teach the art of pasta making, and inspire you to create your own culinary masterpieces.

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